Clearing Your Head

Clearing Your Head

I am really bad at letting things go. When I have a bad day at work, it comes home with me. This is a problem and I recognize it. I just haven’t had luck changing it. If I am stressed out there are a few things that I do to help cope. ts

Now that I recognize this I use it. For a living I am a sales rep for a painting company that specializes in large scale multi-housing painting projects. Anybody involved in sales knows it can be stressful, especially anyone involved in service sales. So when I have a day that the stress is getting unmanageable, I hit the trail! Trail running is something I can do during lunch (as long as you can clean yourself up afterwards – I recommend a towel in your car and baby wipes) or before I go to pick up my kid. When I get out it doesn’t matter what the weather is like. As soon as I hit the woods I smile…

Exercise is wonderful therapy as well. Running especially works wonders for me. Amy has actually suggested that I go for a run when I am tense or crabby. Once I hit 2 miles I start to feel the endorphins. I feel like the weight of the world is lifted off my shoulders. This usually brings on side effects such as; singing like a fool, run dancing (this is a new concept that I suspect will take off very soon) and talking to critters (usually deer, turkeys and squirrels but once I talked to an otter and have been known to chat with trees on occasion). Running is my great escape and a great way to escape! Just don’t try to escape by running when involved in an altercation with bears, lions or wolves.

It doesn’t have to be running. Last year I even kept my bow in the car along with some targets. When I had time between meetings I would find an outdoor range. Anyone who shoots a bow knows that it takes complete focus to shoot well. I would have to shut out the bad and focus on my target. This always helped me! Shooting a bow is a great way to clear your head. Also it doesn’t hurt to get more practice in.


The last thing I am going to cover is reading. If you have the right book I believe that you can lose yourself enough to completely forget about just about any stress at least for a short while. Short story books are great for a quick fix.

No matter how much you enjoy your job, you will still have a bad day here and there. I hope these tips can help you through them!

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  1. You have this right. All of the above works! Plus it will give you an extra 10 years to life. Nice to see now you can learn to leave work at work!


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