Scatter Brain

“Have you been writing lately?” This was asked by my Godfather, Joe, last weekend on a family game farm trip. 1913943_201219536886651_9015722413488660224_n

I get asked this question a lot and my answer is always the same, “I have a lot of half finished stories and ideas.” It’s true I do. But I am having scatter brain issues every time I try to write lately. Maybe I have been gone too long? Maybe Facebook has turned my brain to mush? Who knows!?

I am glad Joe asked me this last weekend though. It made me remember there are people that don’t see my updates through Facebook and can’t follow along with my adventures through a feed on their phone. These people are the ones who taught me to be me. The people that taught me to hunt. Joe taught me to grab dry sticks not green living twigs to make a fire (I was maybe 5 at the time, don’t judge me). Thank you, Joe, for reminding me why I started this site.

From now on I will work on getting back into the routine of writing and try to get in the flow of a story without encountering Scatter Brain. For now though I will have to feed you some pretty pictures…


Cole’s first fish, a deer stand sunrise, the dirty barrel from a duck hunter falling in the lake and my broken ankle buck from this fall.


  1. Back at it again is good. Its not just the stories which are always interesting The pictures are also always awesome. You sent a couple a while ago the one with the snowshoe rabbit and the very large tree with two of you in front of it. Not many people ever see a tree that large. Nature is your back drop. so cool

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