My Cure


Anyone who is close to me already knows this but most of you don’t.

I am extremely passionate in all that I do… What that means essentially is this, I have extreme highs and unfortunately extreme lows.

Imagine every day of your life you could go from the thrill of watching your arrow hit dead on target on a monster buck to watching your arrow fly over the back of an elk you’ve been chasing for a week.

Don’t get me wrong, being passionate is not a bad thing. You have to learn to manage it. Running and the outdoors are part of my maintenance plan. I could tell endless stories of me embarrassing myself when I was younger. I would get upset when I was drinking and wander off into whatever woods I could find. Luckily I managed to make my way back but there were a few times that I put myself in the way of danger and really upset the people closest to me.

Once I discovered running the drinking and wandering stopped. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy taking a walk in the woods at night, I just do it under a little more control. Running has been a life saver for me in more ways then one. Mentally, running has been my therapist. Health wise, well you can see the difference in the pictures below and the one above. I think back on how out of shape I was when we got married and I regret it. One thing is for sure though, I am a better husband now then I ever was before running. It was 5 years ago this month that I ran my first non-stop mile. I will never forget that day. I am now training for a 50 mile trail race the Zumbro endurance run.

Before running I had a drinking problem. I was depressed I’m not sure why either. I had a lot of things going my way. But something happened in our lives that made me stop and think about my own health. Something clicked and I immediately started making lifestyle changes. I now am happy to say I am in great shape and plan to stay that way so I can take my kids on backcountry hunts when they get older. People give me the “speech” all the time, “Running is going to ruin your knees” or “running is actually not good for you at all”. Well, these people are typically out of shape and telling that to me with a beer in their hands(don’t get me wrong, I enjoy beer too but I also know it’s not making me any healthier).

I know this is a hunting page mostly so I will add this. Running had taught me patience. Before I started I couldn’t stand to sit still for more then a couple hours. Now I can sit all day. Also it has opened up new opportunities. Since I’ve started running I have gained confidence and started going deeper, higher and into the most nasty stuff I can find. I enjoy the pack out and the hard work that comes with it. Not to get all Cam Hanes on you but here is the deal, I have had far more success hunting since I started getting in shape then I ever had before.

Also I know running isn’t for everyone and some of you don’t even have that option, but I suggest at least get out and walk everyday for an hour. Go for a hike or kayak. Just do something everyday to better yourself.

This is a short post but to be honest, I have work to do and a new trail to explore today.




  1. Drinking problem? Depressed? Do I even know you? Well I’m really glad you found an outlet. I still worry about your knees even though I’m pretty sure I never said it out loud!


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