Life’s Too Short

I know people are probably waiting patiently for the story from my recent trip to Montana or my review on the EXO Pack. I’m sorry. Soon those will be up but something else came up last week that took precedence over those posts. Last Friday I lost a friend and it has my head spinning.

Austin will be missed by everyone who hd the pleasure of knowing him.

Thursday night last week I was on my way home from work and I was reflecting on my trip to Montana, my 50 mile race and Amy and I’s anniversary trip to Arizona and I realized I get to do a ton of fun stuff. I am constantly planning for my next adventure or trip. There is always something on my schedule; a race, hunt, fishing trip, camping adventure or a weekend of volunteering. It got me thinking, why do I do all of this? Why not just have a lazy weekend here and there?

Hiking in AZ

Because you only live once.

I got asked a couple weeks ago why I run such long distances, “You’re not going to be able to walk when you’re 50”. When I told him I know people in their 60’s still running these races he said, “It makes sense to do it when you’re older. Once you get to that age you’ve used your body who cares if you wreck it then.” My question to that is this, what if I don’t make it to my 60’s? What if I get cancer in my 50’s and I end up bed ridden? I will be laying in bed thinking about the things I should have done when I had the chance.

About mile 45 of my 50 mile race. I’m not ashamed that I am dork!! 


Everyday you wake up be grateful.

I am not going to sit here and tell you to do something stupid, or forget all the things doctors tell you. Your health is not something to take for granted. Take care of yourself, just don’t be afraid to live a little at the same time. Enjoy that cake or beer (or if you’re me, whiskey and cigar). Don’t be afraid to take a risk every once in a while. Just go out and live.


Just let it go, life goes on.

When an argument arises, swallow your pride. This is something I have struggled with in the past. Once Cole was born I realized it’s not worth it. If it’s not hurting anyone, let it go.


Take time for the ones you love.

This past year I started making myself call on old friends at least once a month. There were times growing up when certain people were there for me when others weren’t. I haven’t forgot them and I make sure they know it as often as I can. Talking to old friends on the phone is great, something that I am still working on is finding the time to actually get together. Life gets busy, but a phone call isn’t going to take hours. Take the time, call them.

This is all stuff that has been on my mind for a while, I just needed the kick in the ass to put pen to paper. We all have bad days. Still bad days are days we should be thankful for. I was reminded of that today. Work was hell, I was crabby. While waiting for a phone call I scrolled through my Facebook feed and saw the invite for my friends Celebration of Life. As soon as I sent my response I said (out loud) “Fuck It” and grabbed my running gear and out the door I went. On that run I cried, laughed, jumped in every puddle I came across, touched every tree and screamed WHEEEEE on every downhill. Why? Because I am lucky to be alive and I am grateful for it.

When you get nervous about something or feel shy please remember life is short. Take a chance, put yourself out there. Sing. Dance. Love. DON’T HOLD BACK. Embrace and enjoy life. Tell everyone how much you care about them. Don’t let silly stuff ruin your day.

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