The Story of Backcountry Dreaming

North American noun: backcountry; noun: back-country
  1. sparsely inhabited rural areas; wilderness.
    The Story of Backcountry Dreaming
    Backcountry Dreaming was an idea that I had when I went to the Hunting Film Tour in Minneapolis in 2014. I started this blog so I could share my stories from all my outdoor adventures and hopefully give some good tips that I learn along the way. I have not had a lot of experience with deep backcountry but that is something I want to get more of, my hope is that this blog will inspire you and also be motivation for me to get out more as well. Also I will be sharing tips on camping with family (car camping) which is always a struggle for us with small kids and my wife doesn’t like going anywhere without plumbing. Follow along and I will do my best to keep you entertained along the way.
    About Me
    My name is Joe, I am a husband to my wonderful wife Amy and a father to two boys (Cole and Weston). I grew up in Minnesota in a suburb outside of the twin cities, hunting and fishing with my dad and brothers was a special time to us boys and always something we all looked forward to. My wife would say that I have an “obsession” with the outdoors, although I keep telling her, “it’s actually a sickness that I just can’t shake.” I love sharing the stories that come from being outdoors and as long as I have an audience I will be telling my stories so I thought I should start putting pen to paper so the world can read them.
    I have an absolute love for the backcountry. I will continue pushing myself to become a better hunter and woodsman. At the same time conscientious with the effects that my enjoyment has on the land and animals around me. My hope is that I can inspire others to do the same.


  1. Hey Joe, my name is Derek. I work with your father in law Scott. He introduced me to your twitter account this fall bybshowing me the video of those 2 bulls fighting! I just started listening to your podcast, and was hoping you could help me. Me and my cousin are going out to western Montana next year to do some antelope hunting but we dont have a clue where to start. We plan on hunting mostly public land and to camp. Our big question is how the licensing works. We’ve been told from a few people its all over the counter, but some say you have to apply. Any help you could give us would be much appreciated!

    Cant wait to listen to episode 2 tomorrow on the way home from work!


    • Hi Derek, yesterday Scott told me you were following along. Thank you for listening and for following along. Montana as far as I know you will want to apply for the antelope tag. Chances of being drawn depend on unit. Most units you will get drawn every time you put in. They just do the lottery system statewide because of certain units that will fill up every year. Chances are you could buy over the counter after the drawing but I wouldn’t risk it. Antelope hunting is a blast! If I can help in any other way feel free to ask any questions.


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